The First Blog Post…

So. One minute I’m in an inspirational meeting (coffee & OJ) with a certain well-known sustainability advocate and author on twitter, the next minute I have my own blog; thank you Sofie.

I mean that too. People with experience and knowledge of a specialist topic are often too afraid of sharing it in an open way, thereby missing opportunities to shape their future and engage with like minded peers.

In the network I find myself in, I am surrounded by clever people in influential positions, but that’s not what attracts me; what captivates me is the common strand within all of them. Passion. Passion for their work and a commitment to shape the way our AEC industry works, often in their ‘spare’ time.

I’ll be covering a wide range of topics, mostly all relating back to Architecture and BIM. With a particular interest in technology and new ways of working, you can imagine that I may have trouble keeping up but hey, I’m going to give it a go.

It’s also fair to say that you can expect quite a few ramblings in the upcoming posts, but I’m expecting to include guest posts from my fellow specialist bloggers who are leaders in their field. After all, that’s what this is about.


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