Sustainability – Guess Who’s Responsible?

This isn’t quite a guest blog, but I read an article entitled ‘Are WeReady for 2013?’ a few weeks ago on the website and found it quite inspiring so thought I’d share it…

Some degree of climate change appears inevitable.

Whether it is manageable or catastrophic however, will not be determined in Washington, Geneva or Beijing, or by domestic legislation and international treaties, or by silver-bullet energy technologies, but by how we ā€“ the architecture, planning and building community ā€“ respond and act.

We can choose to plan, design and build truly sustainable, liveable, and resilient built environments; or we can accelerate climate change and ecological degradation, leading to increased human suffering.

How we plan, design, and build today will have lasting impacts for our children, communities, and planet.

It really is up to us.

Thanks to Edward Mazria for his thoughts, it made me at least think about what I was doing…


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