Truly inspirational kids… thru’ @classofyourown

Just a quick post from me this evening – purely because I had a great day. This morning kicked off with a beautiful, sunny journey into work… probably the first decent one of the year.

Today was different though, a first for me as I was heading to a school near Kennington to help some kids with their Revit projects. Yes, Revit projects. These kids are working in part of a curriculum by Class Of Your Own, a course structured around the AEC industry to deliver STEM skills in a project-based environment.

Once I had arrived and signed in, the teacher asked me if I’d mind going straight into the classroom… the kids were there 40 minutes early!

Without going into too much detail (I’ll save that for later), the kids had previously (with the help of other industry professionals) laser scanned the existing building and site, had the resulting point cloud in Revit, each designed an extension and modelled it as a sketch model using traditional craft materials and were part way through converting those ideas into Revit models!

What was left for me to do?!!

As it happens, four of the pupils have been chosen to present their work at an event to be held at The House of Lords later in the month and I was there to ensure they had all the help they need from an Architecture / BIM / Revit modelling point of view.

Needless to say, they were so enthusiastic that time flew and before I knew it the teacher asked them all to save their work and pack up to which the response was

…but sir, we’ve still got 6 minutes left.

Never in my life did I expect to hear that…

Today was such an inspirational experience, that I’ve agreed to give more help to ensure their presentation is in top form. I’ll report back from The House of Lords in a later post, I’ve been invited too!

(I’ve excluded all names because I’m not sure I’m allowed to use them; I’ll amend the post once I know I can!)


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