BIM Show Live 2013 – A Delegate View

An event so good that it warrants two blog posts!

This one is from a general delegate point of view, check out my other post for a slightly more candid ‘speakers’ point of view…

So, BIM Show Live 2013 is now over but the success of it is still ringing loudly; numerous other blog reviews, people requesting the presentation slide decks and still plenty of twitter coverage confirming (or otherwise) what delegates had learnt.

Without doubt the stand out memory of Day 1 was yet again the keynote speech by pupils representing Class of Your Own (@classofyourown). How Alison manages to refrain from bursting into tears of pride I’ll never know…

Presenting this time to an audience of just under 600 delegates, the kids (as expected) did us proud again. Industry figureheads from Client bodies, FM companies, contractors, designers and manufacturers were literally amazed by the level of understanding these 14yr old kids had not only of the design and engineering aspects of our industry but the extended issues such as planning restrictions, respect for the environment, and their grasp of technology was second to none – and that’s ignoring their ability to present a vision WITH a live software demonstration! Live! The number of session speakers who dread live presentations far outnumber the kids on stage and yet they all did it, with no tech hiccups.


I suppose I’d better continue and review the rest of Day 1 and Day 2… I couldn’t possibly summarise every session – it’s physically not possible, so I’ll inline the overall atmosphere. There were 38 sessions in addition to short tech hall presentations which made it difficult sometimes to make a session choice!

It’s probably worth noting at this point that I think the judges deciding which speaker topics made the cut were, on the whole, very good.

On one occasion I even pitched up to a session to find the doors firmly closed – even the standing room was full! Kudos then to Graeme Forbes of Kier Construction for his session ‘Collaborative Working with a Main Contractor’. I didn’t get to see it; most feedback was good whilst others were concerned at the ‘it doesn’t matter what you give us, we can use it’ message… I’m sure we’ll see in the future whether this is what the actual message was!

One of the good things about a number of sessions running concurrently, is that through Twitter, we can hear the good/ bad points about all of the sessions even when we’re not in them… On numerous occasions, tweets made me jealous of the class I was sat in……….

I’ve been to BSL every year since it started three years ago and this is without doubt the most focussed, educational event.

Roll on BIM Show Live 2014!


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