Green BIM in Prague… #GlobalBIMcrew

GB Prague

As my last post stated, it’s been a busy few weeks… I may even get around to finishing my reviews of BIM Show Live 2013 before BIM Show Live 2014!  That’s my aim on the plane over to Prague next week!

The next event on my calendar is the Czech Green Building Council’s Green Building 2013 where I’ve been asked to speak about BIM, the UK Government’s driving mandate and the impact BIM could potentially have on improving sustainable design (or at least translating the design performance into built performance if you’ve read my EcoBuild post!).

It’s clear to see that the Czech Green Building Council have made the ever more obvious connection between BIM and sustainability – which is why (I assume) that the British Embassy and funding my trip over there!  As usual I’ll be hoping to see some real innovation and I hope to not be disappointed.

I  have one hour session dedicated to BIM and I’ll be joined by two leading Czech BIM experts and professionals; the Head Site Manager from Skanska and Principal architect from Cigler Marani Architects.  In the short space of an hour, we’ve been asked to cover BIM Challenges, BIM potential, BIM Revolution & Green BIM.

…quite how we’ll manage that in one hour with three speakers AND allow time for questions I don’t know but we’re going to give it a shot!

There are some heavyweight keynote speakers in attendance; amongst many others I’m in the company of:

  1. Gretchen C. Sweeney – Director of LEED at US Green Building Council
  2. Prof. Anke van Hal – Delft University of Technology
  3. Harvey Bernstein – Vice President, Industry Insights & Alliances, McGraw-Hill Construction
  4. Jean-Louis Massaut – Director, Business & Solutions Architecture, Industry Solutions Group, CISCO Systems
  5. Luděk Niedermayer – Director of Consulting Department, Deloitte
  6. Martin Townsend – Director, BREEAM

You can see my smug face with my co-speakers here, and no, I’m not entirely sure how I ended up at the top of the page either!  ;0)

keynote speakers

In addition to the main conference I’m also hosting a BIM workshop with 20 Czech Architecture students in the afternoon, that’s where I have an opportunity to compare their Architectural education to that of the UK’s – I’m genuinely looking forward to that.

I’ll write up a brief conference report on the way back.

Catch you later.


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