The @TheB1M Knowledge Management round-up


Another conference event down!

Last Monday night saw the inaugural B1M conference, an event held to introduce TheB1M’s aim and demonstrate how various companies define ‘BIM’ and manage the knowledge that they gain whilst undertaking their work.

I’ve realised for a while now, but BIM conferences and seminars all tend to be much more useful when there’s a specific focus. This was no exception.

Fred (@Fred_Mills) kicked things off nicely, with a humourous introduction to TheB1M and it’s aim of being a resource for us to learn of our peers’ experiences with BIM processes and tools. It’s not just UK specific either, it’s a global network with some significant companies registered as well as a range of individuals. It’s definitely gaining traction…

Up next was David Philp (@ThePhilpster) with a Government update and ‘state of the nation’ talk. It’s great to see how things are progressing and these updates are essential to ensure the strategy is outlined for those new to BIM.

My 15 minutes briefly discussed how Arup Associates see BIM, emphasising the need to demystify things by using plain English… The second part discussed how Arup globally share knowledge and skills; we have a global intranet that holds information on projects, tools, people. It’s entirely searchable and staff actively engage with it on a daily basis.

Matt Armitage (@mattjarmitage) from Constructing Excellence- G4C followed me with his discussion on how they intend to equip their members with the necessary skills to drive the industry and wider society towards a sustainable future. There seem to be a lot of parallels with the Government’s @BIM2050 group here

Andy Evans (@rooevans) of Topcon (the major sponsor of the evening) followed Matt and presented their vision of how advances in scan data technology allows us in the BIM environment to begin in the best possible place – with accurate survey data, then finish with a verified ‘as built’ model using scan data. It’s is where we all need to be in terms of providing a better service to our clients.

James Daniel (@jpricedaniel) then presented Willmott Dixon’s BIM journey… What they’ve done, where they’ve been and where they intend to be in the short and medium term. Not to mention a shameless plug for their iOS BIM app!

Rounding off the evening with a Q&A session for the panel, some new questions were posed in addition to some of the usual… This is always helpful as these events aim to cater for beginners whilst keeping the more experienced BIMmers entertained!

All in all a great evening – especially with beer delivered to the speaker panel during the evening! (which made for some ‘lively’ tweets!)

Well done Fred (& thanks also to @getlamp and Mrs Fred Mills for organising and setting up, not to mention keeping Fred in check!).

Here’s a link to Fred’s round-up (weirdly including this post!)

Now, on with my Prague blog post… ;0)


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