#BIM4Free – Newcastle


Another BIM4Free event!…

Originally made popular by our BIM-buddy Graham Stewart, the BIM4Free hash tag is being applied to many events hosted by individual groups around the country and helps those wishing to gain (& share) knowledge about BIM for free. No delegate charges, no pay-to-advertise, but simple sharing of information to help everyone moving along their respective BIM journeys…

This session was hosted by Peter Barker of BIMAcademy in Newcastle, with the following speakers:

  • Peter Barker – BIMAcademy – Welcome & Intro.
  • Casey Rutland – Arup Associates – BIM for Beginners
  • Ed Bartlett – Kykloud – BIM & Lifecycle Management
  • Dave Monswhite – Turner & Townsend – BIM Tools for QS’s
  • Janet Beckett – CarbonSaver UK – BIM for SME’s
  • George Mokhtar – BIMAcademy – Validating Models
  • Ian Chapman – NBS / RIBA Enterprises – The Importance of Data and How It’s Classified
  • My session along with links to the others can be found on YouTube here:http://youtu.be/qUrfSKGsj0c

    Also, fellow BIM tweeters Paul Wilkinson (@eepaul) and Olly Thomas (@OllyTDB) compiled an impressive Storify and blog post here:

    Paul’s Storify

    Olly’s Blog Post

    Take a look, both are great resources.



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