LondonBIMhub Event Summary


I hosted my room as a workshop – there’s little point in pre-answering questions that may not even be asked! It ended up quite useful with a massive range of questions and discussion topics. My ‘fellow professional’ helpers were also very well-utilised!

Questions posed by the audience were:


· Where do you see 2d drawings going?
· How do I engage house builders?
· What does BIM do for QS & PM etc?


· Does BIM allow scope to batter the contractor for badly performing buildings (energy-wise)?
· Does BIM allow more transparent cost control?
· What is L2 BIM?
· How does interoperability affect the process?
· From a PM POV, how do I get involved?
· Will clients instruct Contractors to start on site earlier based upon more certainty?


· How does BIM work in my new cubicle manufacturing company?
· How does IFC not work?
· Do Autodesk manufacturing software products export to Revit families?


· IFC interoperability Question from Portsmouth Uni MSc student.
· Mace marketing question, how can BIM help me? How do I sell BIM?



Across the board, the feedback of the whole event was very good (the only downside being the temperature in each of the rooms!). The diverse range of delegates made for varied discussion in each session from ‘black-tie-clad’ clients to cubicle manufacturers.

What also helped was the obvious change in audience – most BIM events tend to be populated by the ‘usual faces’. This events consisted of 80% new people which let’s face it, is the whole point of the BIM Hubs.

In summarising all of the conversations we had in the various groups, I’d say that ‘awareness’ among beginners is still far too low. I spent a lot of time talking about the very basic issues regarding software, L2 definition etc.

Whilst always directing people to the BIM task group website for docs and FAQ’s it was still clear that many didn’t even know that it existed!

Main Takeaway from the night? Engagement with all levels of the industry is still required; some sort of joint campaign or marketing event as an introduction is needed.

I’m still not sure how I ended up cross-legged on a table…. #ZenBIM!



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