#BIMOpenMic Session 1 – Summary

ImageWell that was fun!

The very first BIM Open Mic session went pretty well if I do say so myself… plenty of lessons learned too and the next session will no doubt take a slightly different approach.

The venue was set with informal seating, ‘mood’ lighting, a single mic, presentation screens and of course the mandatory tweet wall! (not to mention a more than adequate supply of beer, cider, wine, crisps and nuts!)

ImageWith the event sold out within 48 hours we expected a few drop outs (thanks to those who let us know) and also some no-shows (black marks required!) but not quite to the extent we saw… it is a shame but that’s what happens with free events I guess.  More on that later!

Here are the attendance stats (thanks to Eventbrite):


  • 60 Attendees (+some extra Arupians).
  • 22 cancelled within 24 hrs (naughty!)
  • 42 no-shows (naughty, naughty!)


Once the session was under way we had a hugely diverse range of topics and speakers which can be neatly summarised as the following:

  1. Me – Intro to the event. Why? What? How? Who?
  2. Richard Lane – Government as Client
  3. Carl Collins – To PAS, or not to PAS?
  4. Andrew Duncan – Collaboration via DWFx
  5. Allister Lewis – BIM from a County Council Architect POV
  6. Liam Southwood – The 10 BIM Commandments
  7. Rebecca De Cicco – BIM2050 Intro & Trailer

One of the nice things about the event was the number of new faces in the audience and up on stage, hugely refreshing and some new opinions offered…

Updates for Session 02?

Keep the lights on – OK so maybe we overdid it with the spotlight, backlit red wall and dark room, but once Richard began to speak we realised it’s actually nice to see the audience.  Point taken!

Shorter time slots – we’ll allow anyone to speak, all we’ll say is that you have 15 minutes max.  Hopefully this will encourage those who’ve not spoken before to stand up, ask the audience a question, have a ‘soap-box’ rant or just state something they’ve found works well / not very well.

Entry Deposits – Feedback was good, but free tickets to the event meant we sold out within 48hours. Great! Obviously, but when nearly half are no-shows on the night it’s annoying for those on the waiting list who didn’t get a place. So we’re charging £5 which will be given straight back to you when you turn up.  Simple. It also means we’re still a #BIM4Free event.

Questions – Every speaker asks the audience at least one question.  We can collate the answers and spread knowledge.

Speaker Q&A – Feedback suggests a few minutes of Q&A after each session might be good. Perhaps a job for the compère!…

Session 02…

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be doing it again. Probably in around two months time.

Oh and here’s a Storify link too, for all the tweets & photographs:


See you all next time.



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