Construction Culture & ‘Social’ networks…


Construction Culture and the Social Networks

The above link is a great post by Su Butcher with equally very positive comments and some great anecdotes. My point of view on this is simple and very much aligns with her opening paragraph…

there is only one ‘company USP’ and that is their people.

Allowing your staff to (responsibly) express opinions whether professionally or socially can extend the depth of trust current and potential clients have in your company.  Whether it’s via photographs on Instagram, shared on Twitter, G+ and Facebook or blog posts on a personal site announced via your professional LinkedIn account, we can all choose how we share knowledge and experiences and filter those we want to share with family and or our work peers.

I for one am working in a much more fluid manner now than 5 years ago; sharing ideas, working with wider expertise from completely different industries – not once did i ever think during my architectural education that I’d be discussing data use with companies embedded in Formula 1!

This cross pollination of skills and knowledge combined with ‘just throwing ideas out there’ allows much greater possibilities and better solutions to complex issues.

Even as I write this post, there’s a cross company/discipline/country discussion going on about construction deliverables all made possible by ‘social media’ (which at some point will simply just be called ‘communication’!).

Despite the differing (and mostly generational) thinking, these platforms ARE a valid business tool for communication, marketing, education and research. A rich source of information, freely available to all and should be used.

As for my future-gazing to the next 10 years, I can only say one thing – I hope to be there, keeping up with current thinking. That’s my aim anyway. Technology and business models are evolving faster than ever and businesses need to ensure they’re current – it’s very easy to slip into a staid way of thinking and become stale.

Stay fresh, open and flexible.

Exhortation over!



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