#UKBIMCrew bods at #AU2013 cc #GlobalBIMcrew


So here’s a list that @Oatfedgoat and I prepared on the way to Amsterdam (I do love a good list)… Let me know if I’ve missed anyone – I’m SURE there are some we’ve missed!!

Furthermore, let’s try a #tweetup when we’re there… it would be a shame to not have us all in one room for a catch up.

See you all in Vegas.


1 Adam Ward @revitspace
2 Alison Watson @Classofyourown
3 Andrew Duncan @agdunc
4 Andrew Victory @andyvictory
5 Chris Harris @hobbs_chris
6 Clint Brown @ClintCadline
7 Daniel Heselwood @DHeselwood
8 Darryl Store @darrylstore
9 Dave Southam @FaroFocus3DUK
10 David Light @davewlight
11 Dayle Zieleniewski @dayle_design
12 Gavin Skidmore @GavinSkidmore
13 Graham Stewart @stewartGH1970
14 Ian Besford @ibes77
15 Ian Philpott @Ian_Philpott
16 James Austin @virtuarch
17 James Middling @JamesMiddling
18 Joe Stott @RevitScratchPad
19 David Chandran @BIMDave
20 Jonathan Munkley @NivenArchBIM
21 Julian Jameson @schulianj
22 Justine Gray @JuicyBIM
23 Reid Cunningham
24 Lee Mullin @Leeroyb
25 Leigh Atkinson @swimleigh
26 Lewis Wenman @LewisWenman
27 Mark Taylor @mstjohntaylor
28 Martin McDonnell @SoluisMD
29 Matt Keen @KeenOnBIM
30 Matt McCarter @oatfedgoat
31 Me @caseyrutland
32 Michael Hudson @MikeHudsonArchi
33 Neil Thompson @neil_bim
34 Nick Harris @NickHarrisCAD
35 Nigel Davies @NigelPDavies
36 Paul Markovits @paul_markovits
37 Paul Munford @CadSetterOut
38 Paul Woddy @PaulWoddy
39 Rachael Park @rach_bb
40 Rahul Shah @rahulshah258
41 Ray Purvis @rayPurvis
42 Rebecca DeCicco @becdecicco
43 Rhys Lewis @Rhyslewis_oasys
44 Rob Clark @clarkrob
45 Rob Jackson @bondbryanbim
46 Rory Vance @Knowledgesmart
47 Shaun Farrell @ShaunF1969
48 Steve Rudge @steveRudge
49 Ksenia Zhitomirskaya @KZhitomi
50 Anne Kemp @ackempo
51 Nick Beaven @nbeaven
52 Cara DiPierro @CaraDiPierro
53 Paul Broadfoot @angryBIM
54 Allan Brown  @Allan_BIM 

…and some non-tweeters!

Kan Wong Mott MacDonald
Peter Routledge WhiteFrog
John Williams Excitech
Ian Kelsall Cadassist
Aaron Perry Cadassist
Ken Enright Arup
Jonathan Lock Arup
Paul Hill Arup
Mike Slessor Arup
Alan Ogden Arup

See you all there!



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