#UKBIMCrew #BIMTransferSeason AKA ‘The List’!…


So, after a Twitter call two years ago, I’ve attempted to keep a list of #UKBIMCrew bods who have moved from one company to another…

Whilst this is generally interesting to most of us on a personal level it’s also the beginning of tracking the head-hunting trends of large companies over the recent years. Is it possible to predict future trends from this? We’ll see…

It’s obviously not an exhaustive list and is mainly limited to those who share BIM related knowledge on Twitter but it is representative of the demand for BIM experience and expertise in the industry. Anecdotally, we’ve seen a number of experienced BIM practitioners move to software vendors – my personal opinion is that this is detrimental to the development of BIM in the UK as the skills are (re)moved from where they are needed. Obviously I’m genuinely pleased for those who have moved and we all still keep in touch but their skills, knowledge and experience will be missed in the industry…

Not very scientific is it?!

The past two lists have been created by collecting chat and formal announcements. Occasionally I’d receive a DM from the ‘movee’ to give me the heads up, but I’d keep that in confidence and tee up a congratulatory message on twitter when they go public with it! ‘The list’ has historically been stored on my iPad through the year and ‘published’ on New Years Eve as an image on various social media platforms.

#UKBIMCrew 2013 Transfers

#UKBIMCrew 2013 Transfers

This year is different though…

I’m crowd sourcing (kinda) the info with the help of a Google form. The form is below so share it, spread it and complete it if you know of anyone officially moving from one company to another – whether on twitter or not.

Not only will this mean that I don’t have to enter all the details and make sure I’m right, but it’ll allow me to create an end of year infographic highlighting the relevant moves, trends and overall numbers. Plus also, it widens the net somewhat to those outside of the UKBIMCrew tweeters and may even swell the number of people using the hashtag.

So, get to it… if you’re moving, add your details.  If you know of someone not on twitter who is moving them ask their permission and add their details too.  This will be confidential until the ‘movee’ has announced their move officially.

Let’s see what stats it turns out!  There may even be some ‘announcements’ at BIM Show Live next week – who knows?!




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