‘The 2014 List’ #BIMTransferSeason #UKBIMCrew… finally!


OK,OK,OK… I failed massively in issuing this on New Year’s Eve, but I won’t bore you with excuses – suffice to say that there were very good (and enjoyable) reasons for only just getting around to it!

Hence I find myself writing this on a flight to Doha (the only peace and quiet I seem to get these days) and yet I still manage to bump into BIM-friend and engineering extraordinaire James Middling (@jamesmiddling) from Mott McDonald on my flight!

So, right back to it – the reason you’re reading this… the 2014 BIMTransferSeason results / stats / analysis.

Up first – some stats:

  • There were 50 moves during 2014 up from 31 the previous year.
  • 34 people moved TO a consultant (1 from a Client body, 1 from a Software company)
  • 34 people moved FROM a consultant.
  • 2 people set up their own company.
  • 1 person moved to a Client body.
  • 10 people moved to a Contractor (with 4 from one contractor to another).
  • 3 people moved twice.

So in terms of company types who are battling it out to employ staff with BIM knowledge and experienced, the stats are fairly clear.  The consultant sector are balanced, with the construction sector improving marginally leaving the client and software sectors fighting for the rest.

Who's moving where?

Should we be worried?

I think maybe not, but more about that in another post – if I ever find the time to finish it…  Ultimately what we are seeing is software companies bringing in industry experience to serve their clients (nothing new there), also that contractors are increasing their capability by employing people with a wider range of skills such as Project Management (from a BIM point of view), technology (hardware focussed) and technicians to run the software that can bring real benefits. Are we starting to see the beginnings of Digital Built Britain?

What I’d personally like to see is more clients  bringing BIM to the heart of their business; this won’t apply as much to some clients as it does to others but the benefits are there and (fairly) clear to see.  In the meantime I guess it’s up to us to educate them, demonstrate the benefits and slowly change the status quo.

So who are the top companies hiring?

In nothing other than alphabetical order, here are the companies who hired more than one person last year to fulfil BIM roles (that we know about and whom wanted to be included on this list!)

  • AECOM hired 3 of us, but lost one.
  • Arup Associates hired 4 of us.
  • Autodesk hired 2 of us, one left and set up on her own.
  • Space Group (Space, BIM Technologies, BIMStore, BIMCampus) hired 3 of us, but lost 3.
  • Brookfield Multiplex hired 3 of us.
  • Excitech hired 4 of us.
  • NBS hired 2 of us, but lost one.
  • Turner & Townsend hired 2 of us.

I’m not cruel enough to list the ‘biggest losers’, but you can check the data for yourself and count who lost who!

The list.

So here it is, in all its unfettered glory (but without dates and company types) – make of it what you will! It’s in chronological order for Matt Rumbelow’s benefit!

Who? From… To…
Dayle Zieleniewski DMA Arup Associates
Rebecca De Cicco DMA Digital Node
Mark Thompson Space Group Arup Associates
Pablo Miró Vázquez Miroarchitect Arup Associates
Alexandra Grounds Hobbs Excitech
Glenn Jowett BECA AECOM
Wes Beaumont Kier Turner & Townsend
Darryl Store PRP Autodesk
Sarah Rock Olswang RPC
Jonathon Broughton Allies and Morrison Urbansugery
Gary Scott RG Group Willmott Dixon
Chris Van Essen Ellis Belk Associates Stride Treglown
Julien Benoit Bouygues Construction Legendre group
Laurice Peverett BIM Academy NBS
Ryan Tennyson JM Architects BIM Technologies
Iria Carreira Hawkins\Brown ARC:BIM
Gary Barley calfordseaden Pascall + Watson
Peter Morton BIM Campus IBI Nightingale
Matthew McCarter London Underground Topcon
Daniel Pitkin AluK GB Ltd Brookfield Multiplex
Jon Frost Cadassist BWB Consulting
Alex Nesbitt NBS Turner & Townsend
John Lock Arup AECOM
Mike Slessor Arup Laing O’Rourke
Pam Bhandal Autodesk PB Marketing Consultants
Gary Ross Amtech Excitech
Luke Johnson Woodhead Virtual Built
Mathew Smith RPS BAM Construct UK
Nick Leach Skanska Brookfield multiplex
Mike Turpin AKS Ward Capita
Trevor Pool BAM BDP
Daniel Walsh BIM Academy NBS
Rachael Atkinson Mace Limited Autodesk
Shaun Farrell Mace Ferrovial Agroman
Johnathan Munkley Niven Architects WYG Group
Gary Ross Amtec Excitech
Andy Minter Capita Excitech
Neil Marshall The Design Büro (Coventry) Ltd BIM Technologies
Matt Rumbelow AAM Pty Ltd Trimble BuildingPoint Australia
Luke Johnston Britex IGS BIM Solutions
Jill Guthrie Sheppard Robson BIM Technologies
Aleksandra Debowska FKA Studios Leslie Jones Architects
Jack Dearlove Clancy Consulting Brookfield Multiplex
Fran Katerbaum BIM.Technologies Arup Associates
Gary Scott Willmott Dixon Skanska
Suibhne Cullen AECOM MWH Global
Chris Palmer BGP FARO
Mobeen Minai Atkins Mace
Andrew Harp STH Scentre Group
Dave Philp Mace AECOM

You can download all the raw data here if you want to do anything with it now – all data has been provided on the assumption that it is now public knowledge.

The jokers…

It was bound to happen, with the crowd we know and putting up a form for all to edit we were almost guaranteed some spoof entries, so here they are:

  1. Mark Taylor (@mstjohntaylor) apparently arrived from Mars and instantly landed himself a job at BAM Construct UK. #MartianBIM?
  2. Neil Thompson (@neil_BIM) of Balfour Beatty supplemented his income with an evening job at Burger King. #BurgerBIM
  3. Rob Jackson (@bondbryanBIM) of Bond Bryan Architects and ArchiCAD fame, moved to Autodesk – did ArchiCAD die? #NoMoreTerminatorBIM

New year, new form…

Reviewing the stats from 2014 have highlighted yet more improvements we can make for the 2015 list – all allowing greater reporting and summarising.
A new ‘BIM Consultant’ category to refine the results of where everyone seems to be going is also a reflection on how many companies are now set up to offer this as a service.

So again the call is there, please share a link to this page  / complete the new and improved 2015 form below:



Whilst this is not an exhaustive list (it’s pretty much based entirely on those on twitter and in the UK) it’s still a useful guide as to who we are seeing moving around and which parts of the industry are hiring int eh skills we have to improve their capability.

The stats show that people have set up on their own, moved to new sectors, filled outgoing BIM-folk’s shoes and three people moving twice – it would be interesting to hear why that was… or do I mean controversial?!

Credit to us all I think – keep up the good work.

See you back here for the 2015 summary (hopefully on time).



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