Again it’s been a while since my last blog post (I’ve only managed three this year!) but I’m still here and still writing -just not finishing enough of my posts…

The other good news is that it’s that time of year again and those of us lucky enough to go are returning to the birthplace of THE hashtag #UKBIMCrew – Autodesk University.


If you want to know more about the origins of the #UKBIMCrew hashtag, there’s an early blog post here:



I’m a speaker! Finally in at my 5th AU I have my own speaker slot entitled:

As-Built Models: Myth or Fact?

Co-speaking with 4 others with @ProjectOve two years ago was great but it’s nice to have my own class…

I’ll be have two co-speakers with me – Rebecca De Cicco (@becdecicco) of Digital Node and Andrew Evans (@RooEvans) of Topcon.  Unfortunately for those not registered it’s fully subscribed with over 200 attendees, but fear not, it’s being recorded AND streamed live by Autodesk!


Not only that, it’s my first year attending having been selected by Autodesk as one of their ‘Expert Elite’ and part of the Autodesk Blogger Community- I’m looking forward to seeing what this allows me access to and what I’m allowed to tell you!


Again this there’ll be a global Arup / Arup Associates contingent with myself, Andrew Duncan (@agdunc) and Graham Aldwinckle (@GrahamAld) with 4 speaker slots during the 3 days.  Also present is Rhys Lewis (@RhysLewis_Oasys) at the Oasys stand and numerous other global Arup staff.

As well as the usual pre-organised Autodesk events, we’ll try a massive #tweetup when we’re there with our global counterparts… it’s always nice to gather a crowd!

Who’s going?…

Following on from the 2013 & 2014 #UKBIMCrew attendance list, here’s the #AU2015 list.  Let me know if I’ve missed anyone and I’ll add them – that way we can coordinate B2B’s and social events.

See you all in Vegas (again)…

Number Who? Twitter Handle…
1 Adam Ward @RevitSpace
2 Alan Moylan @BIMGeek
3 Andrew Duncan @agdunc
4 Andrew Handley @reconfigured
5 Andy Evans @RooEvans
6 Az Jasat @asjasat
7 Ben Malone @BenPMalone
8 Darryl Store @darrylstore
9 David Light @davewlight
10 David Philp @ThePhilpster
11 Elliott Crossley @Elliott_Kalenko
12 Graham Stewart @stewartGH1970
13 Ian Besford @Ibes77
14 Ian Philpott @Ian_Philpott
15 James Austin @virtuarch
16 James Parsons-Moore @therevitlution
17 Jason Gething @Gething_Jason
18 John Williams @__JohnWilliams
19 Kevin Lloyd @WhatKevThinks
20 Lee Mullin @Leeroyb
21 Lee Zebedee @LeeZebedee
22 Leigh Atkinson @swimleigh
23 Mark Thorley @MarkThorley1
24 Max Mallia-Parfitt @m_malliaparfitt
25 Me @caseyrutland
26 Michael Hudson @MikeHudsonArchi
27 Mike Hacker @MikeFHacker
28 Mike Turpin @ThatBIMThing
29 Mike Watkins @MikeWatkinsWeb
30 Nick Craggs @Smogonthetyne84
31 Olly Thomas @OllyBIMT
32 Paul Broadfoot @AngryBIM
33 Paul Markovits @Paul_Markovits
34 Pete Foster @KantrellK
35 Rachael Atkinson @rach_bb
36 Rebecca DeCicco @becdecicco
37 Rhys Lewis @Rhyslewis_oasys
38 Richard Lane @RichardLane
39 Rob Clark @clarkrob
40 Stefan Mordue @StefanMordue
41 Steve Rudge @SteveRudge
42 Thorsten Strathaus @TStrathaus
43 Nigel Rees @Nigrees_Oasys
44 James Lupton @LuptonJames
45 Evelin Kallas @RedHotEve
46 Ollie Hughes @Ollie_DCW
47 Dave Sewell @DavidJSewell
48 Aaron Perry @AaronPerryArch
49 Ksenia Zhitomirskaya @KZhitomi
50 Thomas Schwaiger @tschwaiger
51 Retha Swanepoel @iamswanepoel
52 Phil Palmer @BamPpalmer
53 Andrew Pryke @PrykeAndrew
54 Tim Bates @PimInTheUK
55 Liam Southwood @LiamSouthwood
56 Mark Taylor @mstjohntaylor


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