…and the results are in! 2015 #BIMTRANSFERSEASON #UKBIMCREW

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So in a massively improved timescale compared to last year, I have actually managed to post this on New Year’s Day as promised when I first started this 4 years ago!

In a year that saw many promotions, moves and new companies formed we must also remember that sadly, we lost at least one of our community in 2015. We remember them fondly.


I want to offer my personal congratulations to all of you who have taken the (sometimes) bold step of taking a new job.  It’s not easy out there and moving to a company where you’re not sure of their understanding, attitude or willingness to change the way they work can be daunting.  I hope you’re all settling in well!

The headline stats!

Massive caveat as usual – these are stats, I love them and I hate them… they’re made up of responses to an online form shared on Twitter and LinkedIn.  It may surprise you, but there are people out there who aren’t on one or the other (or both) that still manage to ‘do’ BIM. I know others who are on both, have bagged new jobs but not completed the form.  So these stats represent nothing but a summary of the responses I’ve received. You have been warned, take them with a pinch of salt!

  • 45 respondents (44 moved, 1 was promoted – do I need a new list?!)
  • AECOM lost 4 & gained 1
  • 3 moved abroad
  • ARUP lost 3
  • BIM Academy, BIMTechnologies & MottMacDonald all lost 2
  • Turner & Townsend lost 1 but gained 6
  • 2 set up their own companies
  • 1 person moved twice (there’s always one!)

So which sector lost and won?

Company - FROM

Company - TO

The facts suggest that there seems to have been a significant shift from Design Consultancies to Contractors and Project Management companies. If you add to this other companies offering standalone BIM services, we’re seeing what we have seen in all years since I’ve been tracking this – a skills transfer from ‘within’ companies to providing a ‘buy-in’ consultancy service to a wide range of ‘not-yet-BIM-mature’ companies.

This is encouraging in some ways – it means what ‘we’ do is becoming more mainstream and can sustain a plethora of companies. I don’t foresee a problem with this as long as each and every company that uses a consultancy gains a noticeable knowledge transfer, otherwise whats the point? BIM will just ‘cost money’ and be seen as ‘an expensive add-on’.

On the other hand, this approach is removing skills from where they are needed – at the coalface. It’s a dilemma and one that I have no answer for, other than to suggest that

each and every company out there look carefully at the staff they have, invest in them and value them

Other winners?

Countries other than the UK seem to be doing well from UK staff! Yet again we’ve seen more people moving to other companies around the world.  It’s fantastic to see and bolsters the UKTI approach that we are in a great position to sell our skills, knowledge and experience abroad.


Not surprisingly, there’s a spike in the new job starts around March – obvious really when most companies want to have new key staff on their books at the start of the new financial year.  There’s no apparent reason for it really but it’s a trend nonetheless!


The unfettered data

Here’s a link to the Google Form results – do with them what you will!

raw data

If you do something interesting with them, please share with the rest of us!


The full list…

I’m not bowing to Matt Rumbelow’s requirements this year – here’s the list in forename alphabetical format!

Name Surname Moved from… Moved to…
Alex Strachan Soluis Turner & Townsend
Andrew Handley Franklin Ellis Architects Purcell
Cheyne Bird Flanagan Lawrence Skanska
Chris Raynor Pozzoni DMWR Architects
Chris Smeaton Colour Urban Design KEO International Consultants
Chris Powell Deerns Atelier Ten
Darren Cunningham Network rail London Underground
Darren Quigley AECOM HOARE LEA
Dave Lee Aecom Hilson moran
David Shepherd HOK Lendlease
Dayle Zieleniewski Arup Associates BIM Campus
Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt University of Reading COINS:FULCRO
Dr Muhammad Tariq Shafiq BIM Academy UK IEC, Abu Dhabi
Etienne Le Roux United House Turner & Townsend
Gavin Skidmore Mott MacDonald Autodesk
Ian Philpott Aecom J Murphy and Sons
James Austin Autodesk Autodesk
Jill Guthrie BIM Technologies Willmott Dixon
Kath Fontana BAM construct uk ISS Technical Services
Kevin Fielding AEW Architects Sheppard Robson
Louise Kelly McElroy Associates Fulcro
Mark Stodgell BIM Academy PCSG
Mark Thorley Aecom Grimshaw Architects
Miles Walker Excitech Mace
Natacha Redon Turner & Townsend Identity Consult
Pantelis Ioannidis NBS/RIBA Enterprises John Robertson Architects
Pete Foster Premier Interlink )Waco UK Ltd) Autodesk
Peter Morton IBI Nightingale (IBI Group) Turner & Townsend
Philippa Klaschka Studio Klaschka Stride Treglown
Radu Gidei Lee Evans Partnership All Design
Robert Klaschka Studio Klaschka SUMO Services
Ryan Tennyson BIM Technologies WSPB
Sarah Rock RPC Herbert Smith Freehills
Sean Bloomfield Stace LLP Turner & Townsend
Shaun Farrell Ferrovial Agroman UK Turner & Townsend
Simon Dean Arup 3MU
Simran Kalyan Vectorworks Fulcro
sonia zahiroddiny TfL HS2
Thomas Mahon Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Bimorph LTD
thomas royle mott macdonald laing o’rourke
Thorsten Strathaus Arup Associates Flanagan Lawrence
Tom Oulton East Riding of Yorkshire Council Turner & Townsend
Tom Whitehead SSOE SERA Architects
Will Hackney TfL Aurecon

Roles & titles

Perhaps controversially, I’m highlighting this as a concern… you’ll see from the raw stats that companies are employing people (as they always have) with a vast range of titles.  This shouldn’t be an issue if the ‘roles’ are defined.  Too many times are we seeing job vacancies with role and responsibility descriptions that should be the work of at least 3 people! You often need to be a software whizz (on multiple apps), project delivery team member, Team Leader, Change Management expert, Business Analyst, the list goes on. Oh and “you have to present all this to the company board and our clients…”

Frankly, it’s ridiculous and not only places pressure on a single person but also dilutes their capability to affect change (if indeed they are afforded the opportunity to make real changes).

A better approach would be to assess company needs and see what roles they NEED to affect immediate change and record the improvements. Maybe then do they employ more people to address bigger issues.

There’s work and education to be dispersed here with industry and Recruitment Agencies – work that I have started with small group and will be opening up in the coming months – Who are you employing? What are their roles?  Hopefully this can bring clarity and avoid confusing roles such as Modeller, Coordinator, Model Manager & Information Manager.

…and finally

No jokers, not one fake entry this year… I’m actually quite disappointed!

Here’s to a hugely sucessful 2016, the year of a 1000mph land speed record attempt, legalised autonomous road vehicles in the UK and the official start date of the UKGov BIM mandate…

And if you do move jobs in 2016 or know anyone who does – don’t forget to complete the new 2016 #BIMTransferSeason form!


Go smash it!



PS Sorry if you’ve missed the 2015 survey but c’mon – you’ve had a whole year! Fill in your details on the 2016 form and I’ll include you next year!



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