The ‘BIG’ year… #4040Casey I need help!


Erm… I’m highjacking my own blog 😱.

I don’t normally post personal things on here but this warrants it… I turn 40 this year and I’m not letting it go quietly!

So here’s the plan, I’m asking for suggestions for things to do from everyone I know (and don’t know yet!) to add to the ‘long list’.  The final list, whittled down by me will be published (probably at a gathering of some kind) on my birthday on 12th June 2016.  Which is a Sunday unfortunately but hey, any excuse for a BBQ!

So use your imagination and past personal experiences to propose an idea or two you think (a) I’d enjoy and (b) I’ve not done yet.  Please post them on Twitter using the hash tag #4040Casey, as a comment on this poster on FaceBook – I’m watching them all.  What the hell, you cold even actually speak to me in person?!

There’s a catch…

If what you’ve suggested makes it to the shortlist, I’m gonna need help! So whether you’re joining me to eat something I’ve never eaten or to throwing me out of a plane (form a queue!) I’d like to share the experience with you. After all, memories and experiences are what life’s all about huh?

But why?!

Because I can! I’ll be recording the year in many ways, and publishing it wherever I can just so that selfishly, I have a record of some great things I did when I turned 40 that I can show my girls when they’re older.

Oh… one final thing, I’m not made of money so keep the suggestions realistic!  Affordable experiences are good, free ones are even better!  There are 40 things I need to choose so there’ll be a range of experiences from big to small in every aspect.

Fire away… I’m waiting!


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