#4040Casey – the long list!


So with little less than a month before I turn 40, I finally have the long list…

This isn’t the final list!

All of these have been contributed by people who know me and who have put up with me boring them with what I intend to do!

This list will be whittled down to my final list of 40 which will be revealed on my birthday (12th June).

Eat at Chez Bruce
Meet an idol
Have a family portrait
Visit Billingsgate Market
Blag a VIP F1 Trip
Take a hot air balloon ride
Learn to enjoy whisky
Ride in a glider
Pass my CBT test
Go to a tantra festival
Be in the best shape of my life
Attend a traditional Indian/Greek/Jewish/Romanian celebration
Drive the C-Type Jag
Cycle 100km
Do the running man in a bar!
Have a pedicure
Learn to play a musical instrument
Have hopi ear candling
Visit ‘Rutland’
Drive the Stelvio Pass
Meet 40 Caseys
Learn to Code
Learn to backflip
Visit Iceland/Bruge/Marakesh
Give blood
Opt in to an organ donor scheme
Get my DNA sampled
Raise £4040 for charity
Go to a boxing match
Eat at La Fromagerie
Go to a darts final at Lakeside
Go to a Ballet/Opera
Sleep rough for charity
Arrange a flashmob in my office reception
Rainbow turd (Google it)
Afternoon Tea at the Ritz
Visit Liverpool
Hug a baby elephant
Go Zorbing
Go to SxSW
Buy an original artwork
Do a shark cage dive
Shoot a gun
Gone on a blind date
Watch someone give birth
Visit Las Vegas
Visit Australia
See the Grand Canyon
Fly in a helicopter
Sing karaoke
Go skinny-dipping
Abseil down a building
Get yourself on TV
Pay for a stranger’s meal
Go scuba diving
Walk on burning coals
Parachute jump
Learn to speak another language fluently
Do a triathlon
Drink 40 different alcoholic drinks in 24 hours (thanks Shaun!)
Do the Monopoly Pub Crawl
Visit the remaining continents you’ve not been to.

If anyone has any more suggestions… keep ’em coming!

Finally, if there’s anyone who wants to come and celebrate my birthday, join me in Battersea Park on Sunday 12th June for a picnic (between Fountain Lake & the Tea Terrace).

Battersea Park Location

Open invite to anyone I know… I’m celebrating what I hope will be the start of an amazing year!  Bring your family, your picnic, a blanket and some booze and we’ll have ourselves a jolly good afternoon/evening!

(Obviously this is weather-dependant so I have a Plan B that I will let you know about if need be…)

I hope to see you there!



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