Changes to twitter… I like this.


Many of you will have seen or heard over the past few months that Twitter are changing the way they ‘count’ our 140 characters.

When the rumours first appeared, complete removal of a 140 character limit would have driven me away completely.

Thankfully, I don’t have to find an alternative now…

Summarised from the BBC article, the changes as outlined by Twitter, will be:

  1. media attachments, such as photos and videos, will no longer count towards the character limit

  2. @names in reply to tweets will not be counted

  3. people will be able to retweet and quote-tweet themselves, enabling them to resurface any of their previous posts and add new commentary

In addition, any new tweet – i.e. one that isn’t a reply to someone else’s tweet – that starts with a username will now be seen by all of a person’s followers.

That last change does away with one of Twitter’s more baffling systems, in which posts beginning with a username would only be seen by a person’s followers if they too were following the member mentioned at the start of the tweet.

To override the rule, people have been adding a full stop to their tweets, so that they read “.@username”.

“It doesn’t make sense to anyone,” Jack Dorsey told the BBC. “and people have had to work around it. That just looks ugly, and it’s confusing.”

The full BBC news article can be found here: 

Well done Twitter… onwards and upwards, I’m hanging around for a while.


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One response to “Changes to twitter… I like this.

  1. I think its very interesting that they are looking at the replies system. One of the reasons Twitter is so impenetrable to newbies is how conversations are hidden.
    According to their plans (which won’t be rolled out for a few months) if you reply to a tweet that won’t be shown to all your followers. This makes sense because accounts like @btcare wouldn’t be able to make their announcements visible the way they do.
    But instead Twitter are saying the replies will still be only visible to people who follow both you and the person mentioned at the front of the tweet, but you will be able to RT your own tweets to make them visible to your followers.

    Not perfect… but better. It will certainly deal with the debacles such as an awards account announcing the winners at the front of all their tweets and thereby hiding the announcement from anyone who didn’t follow both accounts!

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