#4040Casey challenge sit.rep.


Sooooo… yesterday I was reminded that I’m six months into my 40th year and therefore halfway through the time I have to complete the items on my #4040Casey list!  Oh dear.

Time to pick up the pace I think!

Despite a minor hiccup in the plans for the year, the good news is that I’ve completed a few, planned few more and I’m looking forward to putting undue pressure on myself to complete them all!  Added to that, there have been so many other things I’ve done since my birthday that weren’t even on my list and it’s been a blast so far!

I’m not sure I ever published my ‘final’ #4040Casey list so here it is with the items checked that I’ve managed to achieve so far with the help from my amazing friends and family (items in faded green are ‘in progress’!): 

The Final #4040Casey Challenge list

Someone suggested doubling up some challenges so I have a few of those planned such as the ‘#32-40 Different drinks in 24 hours’ and the ‘#34-Monopoly Pub Crawl’ also known as ‘#41-Probably going to die’… thanks @ShaunF1969 and @ItsBIMUpNorth!

Also ‘#20-Go to a Boxing Match’ and ‘#27-Visit Liverpool’ with my buddy Suzanne (former boxing promoter and proud Scouser!).

After all that I’m going to need my ‘#28-Afternoon Tea at the Ritz’ with @WeezyBop – I’m REALLY looking forward to that one…

I guess the rest are down to me but if anyone wants to join in the pub crawls, 100km cycle, bungee jumping or anything else on the list just give me a shout and let’s do it!

Perhaps I should concentrate on ticking off items actually on my list?!

There’s so many people to thank so far (you know who you are) but I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those that have undertaken a task/challenge with me and to those I’ve planned things with in the next six months… I can’t bloody wait!




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