About Me

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I’m the Founding Director of digitalgtreen.io, an experienced Architect and former Associate Director at Arup Associates.  In the BIM arena, I specialise in client engagement, team management, multidisciplinary building design, delivery and up-skilling of team members .

All comments, thoughts and opinions on this blog site are my own, but they tend to inform every part of my work and have in most instances been formed through my work and the people I’ve met along the way.

There’s no point in doubling up on web-based info on me, so if you need to find out more about my professional life, try clicking the logo below:


As founder and organiser of the popular (& free) #BIMOpenMic events, I find myself sharing knowledge using the hashtags #UKBIMCrew & #GlobalBIMcrew . I’d encourage anyone on digital media to use these hashtags to search for valuable information about current global BIM thoughts.  It’s an informal, organic thing, seeking to make knowledge and development of BIM accessible across the globe.  We’re highlighting software issues to vendors, making efforts to change how AEC students are educated and spreading the knowledge globally, in an OpenBIM fashion. It’s not a formal group, there’s no charge for  anything and it’s not exclusive or elitist – we’re doing it because it’s right.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you do, share it with your mates.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Dear Casey,
    I have recently seen a presentation from yourself on BIM.
    I am currently interested in an devolping an online system which integrates construction handover information and live asset data with elements in the 3D Building, allowing the user to open the model in a browser and Handover Documentation to the Client.

    My proffession is Handover Documentation and am sole starter.. I don’t know much about BIM but have a wealthof experience in Data Management during construction, commissioning As Built Documentation Handover.

    Is it possible that you could advise me on a Company?
    whom I can spk with to discuss my ideas with and hopefully implement.. I am UK citizen but reside UAE and I believe that there is plenty of scope for this not only in UK but Middle East..

    Best wishes Michelle
    Be great if you can advise?

    • Thanks Michelle, there are a few systems that do this but currently not as seamlessly as you might hope.

      You say you don’t know much about BIM but your job is Data management in Construction… that’s exactly what UK BIM Level 2 is! I expect you know much more about BIM than you think… the ‘model’ is sometimes a distraction. Feel free to email me at casey.rutland@arupassociates.com.


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